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Virtual GI Care

Want more clinic capacity and better patient access without adding overhead?

Telebelly expands your practice with virtual staff experienced in GI, freeing you up for complex patients and procedures.
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Here’s how it works.

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Add GI Specialists
Keep a flexible, highly trained GI provider workforce at your fingertips to meet patient needs.
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Go Virtual
A virtual clinic charted in your EHR — reduce patient backlogs and increase patient access and procedures.
Scale Up Quickly
Take your clinic operations virtual with a branded experience, custom configurations and high-quality care.
Collaborative Partnership
Founded by a Gastroenterologist, partnering with health tech experts, to ensure the high-quality and seamless patient care that your brand deserves
It’s a win-win: Convenient care for your patients, value for your practice.
Increase Revenue
Maximize earnings with solutions tailored to your practice and free up time to perform procedures.
Reduce Cost
Reduce hiring, training and onboarding expenses with a GI-specific virtual care team.
Expand Patient Access
Take care of patients sooner and reduce clinic backlog with virtual appointments.
Improve Physician Satisfaction
Decrease clinic time and increase flexibility so physicians can focus on what they do best – take care of patients.
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